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Group Health Insurance

Professional Insurance Concepts offers all the services of the Independent Insurance Broker

  • Shop the market for the best value with all the carriers including BlueCross(Keystone), Aetna, United Healthcare and Aflac.
  • Expanded Employee communication.
  • Billing and claims adjudication.

We also offer at no cost:

  • Custom Design Employee Benefit Booklet
  • Administration of Full Flexible Spending Account Cafeteria Plans
  • State and Federal Cobra Administration

Individual Health Insurance

The passing of the Affordable Care Act has created many opportunities for individuals to obtain low-cost health insurance without pre-existing conditions that were not available before, but the law and the application process contain a number of complications. Let our staff of trained professionals guide you through the ACA maze. We will help you go on-line to HEALTHCARE.GOV for you to see whether you can qualify for a subsidy, which can drastically reduce your monthly premium, sometimes to zero. If you don't qualify for a subsidy you can still be confident that our licensed agents will research all best plans available for you.

The income qualifications guidelines for Obamacare for 2014 are:

Supplemental Insurance

The arrival of the Affordable Care Act has dramatically changed the landscape for health insurance. Supplemental insurance can help you fill in the gaps of your high deductible ACA plan. Examples include:

  • Accidental insurance - reimburses you a sum of money equal to the amount of your claim, up to the limit of the policy. Works well with high-deductible plans for a person in otherwise good health
  • Criticallllness Insurance - pays you a lump sum of money upon diagnosis of a major illness, including cancer, heart attack, and stroke
  • Hospital Indemnity - pays you a fixed amount for every day that you're in the hospital
  • Cancer insurance
We will guide you in deciding if supplemental coverage is appropriate for you and, if so, which insurance carrier and plan will best fit your needs and budget.

Disability Insurance

Why Do I Need Disability Insurance?

Although you may not think of it in these terms, your ability to earn an income is your single most valuable possession.

It's more valuable than your home, your car, all of your personal possessions. Many more people have life insurance on themselves than disability insurance, but many more people have lost their home and possessions through a disability than they have through the death of a bread-winner.

Disability insurance makes sure that this doesn't happen. It provides with you a tax­ free income every month to pay your mortgage, your car payments, even your health insurance itself. Your employer may be sympathetic but eventually he'll have to hire someone to replace you if you're disabled long enough, with the result that your health insurance could be cancelled. A disability plan will enable you to replace and afford lost health insurance.

Having disability insurance can provide a sense of security, knowing that, if the unexpected should happen, you'll be able to continue your and your family's lifestyle without interruption.

How Much DI Insurance Do I Need?

The key factor you need to consider in determining the amount of income to insure is a comparison of vour net monthlv income to your monthly bills and expenses.

A professional member of our staff will help you in this calculation. On average people opt to insure from half to two-thirds of their gross monthly pay.

Note that disability income received from a private insurance policy is typically tax­ free, depending on whether the premiums were paid pre-tax or after tax.
How Much Will It Cost?

There are a number of considerations in determining the monthly premium for a disability policy:

  • The size of the benefit you wish to receive. Note that your benefit normally can be no more than your average take-home pay.
  • The duration of time you select to receive your monthly benefit. Typical benefit periods are 2 and 5 years, and to age 65.
  • The type of occupation you're in
  • Your age, health, and smoking status
  • The elimination period (the length of time before benefits begin)
  • Which supplemental benefit riders you choose, if any.
-A number of available plans, for example, offer a return-of-premium benefit at an additional cost that will return to you all of the premiums you paid into the policy, less any claims you may have been paid on.

-An "Own Occupation" rider can enable you to continue to receive benefits, even if you can do some sort of work, provided that your disability prevents you from performing in your "own occupation."

-Other riders may include: Non-cancelable rider,which makes the premium level for the life of the policy. COLA - Cost of Living Adjustments FlO - Future Increase Option Residual Disability Insurance Partial Disability

Disability plans vary from one company to another and according to how you decide to structure your own policy. Let our professionals guide you in this process.