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Retirement Planning

Proper retirement planning will help you enjoy your retirement years without financial worries or concerns.

In planning for your retirement you need to plan for yourself in five major areas:

Your Health and Medicare

As we get older the chance of having a major illness becomes more of a reality. A key component of your retirement planning will be to make proper arrangements to cover such expenses. Original Medicare Parts A and B cover most of the cost of hospital and physician services but they are, by design, incomplete coverage and you may still incur large expenses not covered by Medicare. Medicare therefore authorized private insurance companies to offer so-called Medicare Supplement/Medigap plans at the time it was established to fill Medicare's "gaps" and later, in 1997, authorized the formation of Medicare Advantage plans (MA and MAPD), which are PPO and HMO-type plans offered by private insurance companies in conjunction with Medicare as alternatives to traditional Medicare insurance. In 2003 Part D drugs plans (MAPD) were authorized. Our team of professionals will help you select the best combination of plans for your needs.

Social Security

A key source of your financial resources for your retirement will be income from Social Security. The amount you receive from Social Security will be based on your earnings while you worked and your age at the time you apply for benefits. We strongly recommend that you visit your local Social Security Administration office and review with their representative so you can review when and how much you will receive.

Final Expense Insurance

The financial cost of your death to your family can be significant. Final Expense Insurance was developed to help the senior citizen preserve assets upon his or her death and to relieve the surviving family from the costs of final expenses and burial. Final expense insurance is a whole life insurance policy that is guaranteed issue with no pre-existing clauses, rates are guaranteed to never go up, and a level death benefit that never changes. It was developed expressly as a means of helping families deal specifically with the expenses associated with a loved one's death.

Long Term Care

A prolonged stay in a nursing home can in a very short period of time completely destroy the financial base that you and your spouse have so carefully built up over the years for your retirement. Providing for your long term care needs is an essential, even crucial, part of every family's retirement plan. Our staff of professionals will help you find the best plan for your needs.

Financial Planning For Retirement

Here are some statistics that show how important it is to plan your financial retirement:

•  63% of Americans rely on Social Security, family, friend or charity to retire.
•  80% of Americans ages 35-54 believe that will not have enough money
•  36% of Americans don't save anything for retirement
•  35% of Americans over 65 rely solely on Social Security
Sources: U.S.Census Bureau, Saperston Companies, Bankrate. Research Date: July 13, 2014

Amount needed to retire based on 6% annualized return and assuming 2% annual inflation erosion:

Monthly Income Need Savings Needed For 20 Years Savings Needed For 30 Years
$3,000$500,087 $636,450

These are monies we need to have saved OVER AND ABOVE our living expenses for ourselves and our families throughout our lives. Of course, Social Security and pensions will lessen these requirements.

A good retirement and savings plan can ensure that you can live the life you want to live and do the things you want to do when you no longer have to work, and create the financial safety net that makes it all possible so you don't have to worry.

Typically, when an individual reaches retirement age he or she is more concerned with keeping their retirement monies safe rather than placing them in an aggressive investment profile. His greatest fear is that hard-earned assets, accumulated over the years, will disappear. A risk-free and worry-free retirement with usually involve placing a significant portion of these funds into annuities of various types. Annuities offer complete and absolute guaranteed safety of your principal with rates of return that are much more competitive than banks or CDs.

Retirement planning is complex and confusing. Our staff of professionals will work with you to design the plan best suited for your needs.